I was given love, without noticing,
I was given passion, without noticing,
Now I'm given kindness and I'm tryin' my all to notice...

How come it's easier to see, when it's all gone..?

It's always worth it


(, ?)

Relight my Fire

Mischa Barton with her dogs


Best of You - Foo Fighters



Today I'm gonna have good, good night ;) I've invited some people to my own flat. Drinks, snacks and mates. Lovely! Then there's a gig at my favorite nightclub. Lovely x2! And how come we're having all of this loveliness? Well, it's my Bday tomorrow :) Lovely x3! Puss!

I'm on the top of the...


Happy tonight =) Worked, Danced n' Chilled. But gosh my fan, it's still annoying.
Ok, It's cooling but making too much sound =( Oh well. Guess I'll just wear ear plugs for the rest of my life^^


Sometimes you're just so tired, you just can't sleep... know?


I bought a lamp today.
I'm gonna pimp it up.
Today I was 2 hours late for work.
I didn't noticed. Nobody noticed.
I'm pissed of with my fan 'cause I can't put it together.
Finally a beautiful, beautiful man bought groceries from me today.
He was tall, handsome, brown shoulder long rock'n'roll hair. yumyum.

Weekend 1

Oh, My saturday was so long, so long. First fixing at home and preparin' for the night, then work, lots of work which changed into a night of party! All sweaty, happy and a bit tipsy - my and some friends played games, laughed and gossiped all night long. Actually all the way into it was sunday morning. Went to bed in my own little sauna. This summer is crazy! In a good way, even though I'm melting away.

Oh well, lots of talking here. But honestly, what is it guys and gettin' even more interested when you're like not that into them...? Haha. It's odd. Maybe everyone of us wants to deserve the attention we so desperately desire? I admit, maybe even I'm a bit extra attracted to people who has a lot more interests than just me. Haha. Oh well, Sunday was warm and I've been slow all day long ;)

Checkin' out for now.

Before Friday

Hey again. Hope the day has been awesome, mine has actually been pretty okey. Now I'm gonna end this Thursday with the company of Sex and the city and warm milk with some honey. I've heard the weather is gonna be sweet this weekend so let's have fun in the sun. (cough, cough :P)

Ps. Skateboards are cool.

(Click on the pics for sources).


Yup, was workin with a fever so today I'm living infront of the TV and movies.
Bloody Cold. Just saw Remember me. And yup, It's a cry-movie.

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