Getting a Cold in the warmth


Love this pic. The colors, the combo, her hair...Indian style <3



I'm in a thinking mood. When your heart is feeling heavier than usual and your tear ducts need to be filled up. Maybe it's just because of others misfortunes. How do you do when you don't think and feel too much? Where's my focus..? I have the sun outside my window, eating well, sugarsweet friends but still I'm exhausted. Exhausted of missing the unknown. I need a goodnight sleep. I need energy. I need a tiny break. I need to feel appreciation. Today is a day of needs.

Fly Summer

(?, Niotillfem)

Today =)

Time for Dreamin'

Sleep as deep as I can.
...and dream as beautiful my soul should.


Let's party all night long.


Wanna know what I want

I'd just like to know. Know what I want. What I need. What makes me feel alive. And what it is about you, that drawin' me closer to you. More in the mind than in the reality. How do you know what makes you smile in life? Especially when you're right in it. Right in the spot of living. How do you see? How do you know?

Make me smile.

H o M e

Bienvenido, Välkomna, Welcome & Willkommen

(Yvan Rodic?)

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