Ögon i kors å yr i magen

Rena rama grekiskan i huvudet och valborgssång utanför. Det klingar falskt i kombination. Var det då man gick in i dimman och smög sig hem innan klockan slog 01 och ångrade sig imorgon då den ångesten man hade undvikit kvällen innan knackade på?

Eh, Glad Valborg, menar jag. Givetvis.

Because Friends and Photoshop...

...It's such a good combination, don't you think?

Photos, makeup by me.

Do you have space for your stars?

Leggings <3
Anythin' with universe like space, stars,
planets and the sun is a good choice.
So you know ;)

Ps. Java misses Elin

Cashiiin' klikli redigera mera

(Paris, 2010)

Det kittlar i fingrarna mina,
Skapa bilder i Photoshop fina!
Så ska man jobba idag i kassa,
För att kontot vill klirra en massa ;)

Copycat Hemmingway

I've been reading my old drafts (really, is it called that, utkast?) which I haven't post cause they're too honest and too fake at the same time. And that's how I do describe things. Or feelings. You know when you try to explain the reality with fantasy. I guess that's what I do. Close my eyes when something gets too real. Or when I dream too long I open them instead. Floating somewhere in between. Maybe I'll post the notes one day, when my mood is somewhere near those descriptions again. Or maybe I'll chicken out. These could be similar, a bit illogical and fuzzy. But I'll give you a tiny treat. I'm worrying a little less, a little more. That's why they're not suitable to post today. Not stalking Tomorrow as much as I used too. Cause Today got really pissed when I did so. And Yesterday would really deserve a vacation from me.

You see. Does it makes sense? Or do I just remind y'all about a bad Hemmingway-copy? It's fine though. I don't really like his work anyway. I'm more into his quotes:
"I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I'm awake, you know?".

Psst. Loving spring. Wanna get myself a new tattoo.
Saw September the other day. It was good.
My flat's a mess. My haircolor is sweet.
Enjoying Spotify until the new updates will take place.

Fiesta Påsk

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Trevlig måndag!!!

Gonna fight boredom now in the City park with friends =)

Happy Easter! =D

This week has been so much love in it. The sun, the bars, the airplanes, the cafées, the food and the friends. Lucky lucky me. All of what I love. Just a bloody beach and palm trees and it's all complete ;)

Otherwise, I need a lot of luck and positive energy for the night. Going to a party where someone, eh, unique will be... Gonna be interesting to see if time has done its work yet. Otherwise Imma think of the beloved house in Spain I miss so much, other hot men, being a Film Ed and that all is better than it has ever been. I'm just thankful for that all that have happened is in the passed. That my childhood is no more. Such a relief. Realizing that it's actually not normal that grown-ups yell and throw things at each other. Nowadays when I hear people disagree bout somethin' they just argue or discuss it. Sweet.

This easter. This weather. I even can afford my rent this month. See, so it's all good.
All good. (and it will be, all day and all night long)<3


När vissa stunder duger. Precis som de är.

Jag gör ingenting speciellt och har ingen speciell vid min sida, som kan sniffa mig i nacken och le som bara kära kan göra. Ändå känner jag mig tillfreds. Det måste vara en av de mest lyckosamma känslorna som finns i hela vida världen. Som om det räcker med att solen skiner och att man dricker hundra koppar kaffe och inte tycker att det gör så himla mycket att man är förkyld. För det är ju ändå vår. Och man får äta mammas påskmat i sin alldeles egna finfina lägenhet, där solens strålar når varje vrå och tas emot med öppna armar.


Just another ordinary Wednesday

Today the sun is shining.
It could be just another day.
An ordinary Wednesday.

But it feels more than that. It feels like a day when I got up, 
brushed the dust off and just let go. And started to walk away.

Walk away from you and you and everything I always hold on to so tight.
Been feeding my future I with memories where the expiring date passed a long time ago.
I've tried to let go, not caring and ignoring before. The result has been shifting.
Maybe this time. It'll be different.

Maybe all you actually need is patience and time
for one day the mix of those two will be strength.

Maybe it's more than just an ordinary Wednesday.
Today the sun is shining.

I need a dollar - Aloe Blacc

Current location: Casa de Jules.


Why am I so often tired, hungry, nauseous, sad?
I was happy this morning, then I was irritated, tired, happy, nauseous and now exhausted.

Are you roller-coasters too? Do we have cure?
I'm supposed too be pepp* on tonights (which I was yesterday) event.
Gah. Time for some Not-all-by-myself-Spotify-list.

I should have bought beer instead of wine. Or get laid. Hah.

*Google it =P

Im gonna drink red wine like the french do it =P

La Capital de Suecia


I've been enjoying the sun today all day long. I love the sun soo much!
Otherwise I'm working on chasing the demons away. How's it working out?
Well, I've dreamed that I was tryin' to kill a deer(which didn't die and I didn't want it to suffer)
and on top of it a whole village was chasing me, cause of it. And I've been living in a computer game aswell... Hm. Let's see what Dream Mood could say about it:

To dream that you kill a deer, suggests that you are
trying to suppress your feminine qualities.


To see or dream that you are a character in a video game,
suggests that you are feeling controlled and manipulated by others.
You feel that you have no control over your actions or are not taking
responsibility for them.

Eeh...But it's just bs, right...Right? =P

Been Playin' with PS, Time to sleep <3


Breakfast in Sthlm

Source: Me

St paddys Hat

Sunny day sunny sunny day!
We been havin at least 2-3 days of sun, wei.
Spring is here and any second now, summer will arrive.
Lovely. Looking forward to sunglasses and green hats on all the trees.



Fantastic Moon-day

Loving on Spotify:
Jag kommer - Veronica Maggio
Freeek! - George Michael
S&M - Rihanna
Från och med Du - Oskar Linnros
Love is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia
Banana Boat (Day-O) - Harry Belanfonte

Example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Today is the day of the Moon! Worth celebrating =)
These days have made me soo happy. My sister's here. We went to the castle (as a Bday-gift for our dad) on Saturday and drank beer, wine, drinks and ate cheese, chocolate and oysters! Loved it.

And today it was more than just a regular Monday. It was more than one of those days you forget. One of those mondays that's usually grey and dull. This was golden. It was a Moon day! Where you're noticing how wonderful your family is, how great your friends are and how life can treat you pretty good sometimes. So I'm ending this gorgeous Monday with dancing in my livingroom, making pancakes and smiling =)
Great day <3

Heyhopp Sunday

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