I've been going through my blog.
Interesting you may say.
I was so much more worried before.

Insecure. In me and in my life.
I still am sometimes but fortunately not as often.

Sucha relief. Can you believe it?

I'm quite satisfied in general. Not so angry with
people or work or life.

I guess it's good to really occupy yourself.
Three hours a day I'm on a bus/train.

I guess you do not have time to be as bitter
as usual. Haha,


Your footprints
Postat av: annasarah

Hahah va roligt julia du o ja måste ha fått smama infall. För att bli inspirerad i livet gikc jag igenom din blogg igår...2011 lite 2010 hihi....jag är inte heller lika bitter läng4re o inte lika arg på männsikor & mig själv ;) U learn as long as u live kankse puss

Svar: <3 Mogna damer ;)
julia strandin

2012-11-05 @ 14:01:05

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