Today the words left me...


...So all you'll receive is this beautiful combo.


(I'd fight gandhi?)

True Blood


I wish I could explain how beautiful this really is.

Sometimes when I have a bit too much hormones inside of me, I get tears in my eyes, just by reading a text about someone following her dream. It' really gets me. Straight in my heart. Sandras verkliga dröm.


R o b y n

Stuck on Repeat - Little Boots


That's suppose to be Intense Copper...? And on the cover it's like really, really orange. Instead I got some boring brownred color =/ Uhuh. Muh. It will probably be orange soon...Washed-out orange but still...Still orange.


Did I hear - Crash?

Eh, the night's goin good, thanks for asking. I mean breaking a bowl in the bathroom while you're tryin' to coloring your hair is good, right? no? well, what about the bowl goin into two pieces and half of your color is on the floor? And yes, I acted warrior-like and tried to get the color from the floor to my hair instead. Don't just tell anyone ;) And then the color itself is really slow on the part where it's suposed to bleach. Oh well. Guess It's gonna be good somehow. It have to!

Otherwise I'm drinking beer.
Wanting to drink beer with friends. Just not here. Haha. My hometown is a bit. How should I explain..? Too much homie. Haha ;) Without entertainment and surprises. Oh, I'm like a bitter little grandma. How to solve? More beer? Oh, you're so right! I'm gonna try that ;) Puss på Elin föresten. Du är saknad. Jag vill vara i Turkiet hos dig <3 Hos havet. xoxo

Loving the haircolor to the right <3 Keep your fingers crossed.
(It's probably gonna be a tiny bit darker though...hrmf). (photo: Forni).

See - Signs


God morning, friends!

Today I'm gonna learn all there is to learn about these guys. Let me introduce
them to you: The first man, his name is Simmel and he realised that's a
different when a group of two becomes three.
Oooh, exciting. His friend to
the right though, Mr Mead. He has a lot more to say about peoples interactions and
their identities. He actually explain our identities by cuting them in two! Oooh, One
part of us is the 'I', which is the acting and impulsive part of us. The other part is
'me' and that's the part of us with all the experiences, analyzing the past and give
suggestions to the I on how to act, based on earlier actions and social standards...
The I and Me of us always interacts with each other. Mmm...Clever, clever
boys ;)

(photos: wikipedia).

From my diary - A tribute to the boys

... Otherwise I think mostly about how remarkable some details could actually be on boys. I mean, I do love their Adams apples, Oh, just so fascinating beautiful. How it just glides up and down, unconsciously, when they speak. About something. About anything. Although it is probably prettiest, when they bend their head back. Yes. Yes, indeed, it most be so.

Or no, maybe it's when they're lying on their back in the bed. That's the best!
And you're lying right next to them and you just have to touch it, just a little. Feel the shape, the form, with your fingertip and noticing... It's just exactly like a heart... Wow, and then, then the boy, in the bed, right next to you, smiles! Most beautiful. Yes, that's probably one of the most beautiful things in the world.

But then again their smiles could be the sweetest ones ever =) They're so adorable when they smile.
When a dimple just suddenly appears from nowhere and even their eyes gives away a secretively smile at the same time. So that the softest, thinnest perfect little lines appear around the smiling eyes. Oh...

...Oh, And don't get me started on their facial hair =) When it is just perfect and tickles really cousy on your cheek and you cannot help but to purr just like a kitten and then smile. Send the boy a special little smile, directly from your heart and all you can say is:

"Your beard is just so perfect."


Apple of Adam

Haven't I told you before about my very awesome study techniques? =)
Indeed, today, I've been sleeping, almost reading, sleeping, almost writing, then writing about boys beautiful Adams apples. oh, aren't those lovely? Then sleeping, almost been reading, then eating candy, then I did some writing and reading. Awesome. Ended it with facebook. Less awesome. Oh, and thoughts of boys lovely lovely Adams apples. Love them <3


Inspiring ways to look when the leaves turn red

(bad memory, could be Sthlmstreet & knighttcat?)


I'm not really ready for fall or winter. I'm not looking forward spending the next six months in darkness n' coldness. Not seeing the sun, just drinking earl grey tea n' wondering why I'm so tired all the time.  So if we're gonna have this fall n' winter anyway (buhu). I'd like it to be lots of colors in the trees, lots of coffee n' tea (indian spice) and lots of sun in a crispy air. Which gives a calm feeling. You know? When you can smell the freshness in the air, see the red-orange-yellow leaves and still have to squint your eyes towards the sky cause of the warming sun even though it's October.

Then I'd like to have outfits like the ones above (especially 1 - 4). Love them all, feels a bit like my style ;) Perfect Autumn looks =) Maybe I'd have some more colors, but guessing my hair is gonna do that job (it's gonna be like fire!).

Rain and autumn feelings

I was out n' about last Wednesday and saw these boys live at a nightclub. Need to say - they were awesome? I hate that I'm still sad about stuff, includin' SD. But I guess that this will cool down once again. I mean, we can't change anything, just not let our prejudices take over and set the limits in our lives. I'm gonna try to be more friendly than ever now <3

Monday Night

If there's a God, I believe that he/she has a lovely sense of humor =)


I'm from planet Earth

Where are you from..?

Well, look at that, we're not that different you and I. Remember that, even when there are people voting for SD, here in Sweden. We're all equal. We're all unique. We're all good. We're all from planet Earth.


I'm just feeling so wrong right now

It's all just wrong. I'm wrong. Or I should be satisfied cause my home is awesome, my friends are sweet, my work's busy and school's interesting.  But still I'm feeling a bit like I'm just a silly, silly little girl. Mostly it's because of my 'lovelife'. It's really non-existing, but I'm okey with that. It's just everytime it tries to exist, I turn into a tornado inside. I'm soo much more balanced when it's just me. Single and strong. (And totally clueless about the future...that's an other story though).

One of the most annoying things is that in the beginning of a situation I'm calm. I see it through the guy's perspective and fr my own. It's okey. Both have their point of views. Slightly weird ones, of course. So I ask for advise. Then I feel really stupid. Cause then someone is telling me that it's all just too weird and wrong. And I feel stupid, agrees and wonder how I could think that the boy's behaviour was okey...

Uuh. Silly little girl. Always never trusting anyone. Dreaming of them instead. Never say the truth. Everybloodytime I'm getting interesting in someone or vice versa, I remember how fucked up I am. Funny thing is...The boys never know any of this. Haha. Sorry? Did I mention I was like 15... Hormones talking. tricking me. Never gonna feel love.

This was my day...How was yours?

Psst. I'd put my money on that my day tmrw, is so gonna be better.


Skinny swimming Ribs



My dreams are still weird. They're not that bad really but I still cannot stop thinking about them when I'm awake. All of them contains water in some form. Flooding, waves and swimming pools. Freud, analyze this =P Odd. Odd.


Otherwise I'm just having a small pyjamas party ;) Haha.



Guess what I've realised?
I'm a human. Haha. Yup.
With feelings and all that ;)
And it's totally okeeey ;P

I've been missing someone and I'm totally fine with that. Feels pretty good,
in the sense, that I'm not really a coldhearted bitch. (Which I already know but sometimes
I try to act like one...)
Instead I love meeting interesting people. Oh, that's the best.
And I'm guessing, life has more in store for me. Puss xoxo

(60's smoke...)


Today I really like the songs:

Dave Matthews Band - Dive in.
Basement Jaxx - Lights go down.



If the sun came out, I'd be like this on my roof <3



Aren't these girls very alike? Freja is a successful model and Mariana is a awesome vampire in True Blood (still obsessed..). I actually thought Freja had the role as the vampire at first. Oh well, Pretty freaky. Perhaps somewhere in the world someone almost looks like me...
(Freja & 'Lorena').

This man is a genius

“I sometimes think that people’s hearts are like deep wells. Nobody knows what’s at the bottom. All you can do is imagine by what comes floating to the surface every once in a while.”

Haruki Murakami

Sugarsweet people in a sugarsweet day

1) Oh, Madonna is so cool. Almost like I'd want a kid named Madonna.

2) My lesson was pretty interesting today.

3) The weather started from english grey fog and then turned into a sunny day in spring.

4) An international street market outside the castle, outside my home. fascinating.

2) A classmate of mine gave me makeup n' nightclub-tickets as a thank you. All I did was letting her borrowing my book. So sweet of her!

3) Found my discipline and was studying, yes, for real, at a café for 3 h and two cups of coffee.

4) My lips are really cute in brownred lipstick.

5) Got a letter today, about how to sketch. exciting.

6) An italian man said 'ciao Bella', and I answered (instead of ignoring..) 'Grazie!' Haha. In return I got a 'prego' =P And just like that we had an interaction (uni-language).

7) Lovely Wednesday.

8) Now I'd like to drink a beer to celebrate.

Someone more had a good day?

Uni language vs. V addiction. hard. Boring books with evil language about something interesting. Hm. How does that work..? I'm totally hooked on True Blood. Love love love. Even been dreaming of vampires. And have had som small desire of drinking blood. . . (not) (yet) (or?). So maybe it's more of an obsession.


Oh, yea. I was studying...hehe...uh. Supposed to anyways. Wanna drink coffee though, at some cute café. Sweetness. Ate Sushi the other day. Loove it. Sushi and tacos. I could feed on it forever. You see? See the association to True Blood. Feed. Fuck it. There we have it again. Haha. No, time for some small reading again.

Leicester =)

Oh, how sweet, I'm going to England in october. Visiting my sister n' cousin =D It's going to be sweet.
I'm going to drink pints, eat sunday roast, visit primark n' see their new homes ;) Awesome.

(Wikipedia & me).

Today I recieved the luck of havin' summer in September <3

(mobile uploads)

Repeat Present

I'm really not home. Not in my consciousness, nor in my dreams or in my thoughts. I don't know where I am but my daydreams are always around n' whisperin' in my ear and my dreams, they haunt me even when I'm awake. I believe I need to be surprised. Or maybe it's just silly, that life just isn't really hard now. No, I'm not struggling in any area really. Good, right? Unusual? A little. But then again I'm not excited either. It's a bit mellanmjölk* all over my life now. Uh. Who wants a rollercoaster life, really? Sounds like I'm totally just spoiled...

Let's silence these little spoiled and bored thoughts that's makin' this darl a bit frustrated. Yes, let's silence them with beer. And tomorrow I'll just keep continuing not being present. Not in my consciousness, nor my dreams or in my thoughts...all over again...


Drug of Life

Love is as much of an object as an obsession, everybody wants it, everybody seek
but few ever achieve it, those who do will cherish it, be lost in it,
and among all, never… never forget it.

Curtis Judalet




Mahaha, Just remember how I used to be as student. Very good during the lessons and a total disaster at home. Listening to the teacher, writing down notes and then. Then I came home. Started to read some, then eat some (slowly), then I yawned some (x 100) and then I facebooked some (alot).

Yup, still there. Then is now. The disciplin is here. Somewhere deep inside me, right? I can be anything I want, right?
Well, I wanna be a swot =) a bit more. Please, innerme - swot yourself =P

Who's the next one you'll meet that interests you?

Isn't a bit interesting? This thing with us people and the way we interact with each other. All the fascinating people and their weird little relationships. Family, friends, co-workers, lovers and strangers.

Some people you just could cry your eyes out for and the tears seems to last forever.  And for others you couldn't even let one single tear fall down. Not even have that certain person as the main reason why you had to let it all out. Then we have the ones that you only know for a second and you wish, it was a lifetime.

How come some people leave marks and others don't? How come you wish that you could let go of one, wonder how you managed to let go of another and then hope to know someone else a bit more, a bit longer...


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