Weak spot for Colorful Balloons



"When I get behind the camera, time disappears and I enter a state of euphoria."

- Albert Watson, photographer

Vinn Vinn Vinn

Tävlar lite grann. Om en Kamera, minsann. Någon som höjer på ögonbrynet?
Tänkte väl det. Jag menar vi kan ju låtsas att jag kommer photoshopa bilderna
mindre, om kvalitéen är bättre ;D (Anna-Sarah och Emelie, ni kan ju vara med.
Så kan jag göra om era bilder istället, hehe).

My Walk

I guess I understand it in one way.
When there's soo many ways you can go.
Soo many choices you can do.
So who am I do judge?
And somewhere I don't blame you.
Somewhere I understand the choice.

Cause all I see is just the surface.
And oh my, it sparkles and shines!
I hope you're satified with the result
and that it makes you smile, for real.

All I can do is wish you all the happiness in
the world and one day it will be true.
One day I will mean it.
Not only for you but for me aswell.

Story of posing

So this is how I feel...a bit gloomy, tired, serious...A normal Jules.

This is me, tryin' not to look as above. But you can hint the awkwardness somewhere in the face.

Last but not least. we have me, tryin' to get away with it. Tryin' to be smiling
naturally and honest. Ha. This is also me-applying-for-a-job-pose.
So let us keep our fingers crossed, shall we? =D

Oh <3

Thank you for inspiring me <3

Reality Disney

I just remembered that I'd like to look like I'm from a fairy tale when I saw these pics.
And when I read this text I realized that happy endings in those aren't as good as the
relationships that's being truly cherish in real life. <3


Länk om video inte visas.

Komiskt att jag och mina vänner i måndags fikade och diskuterade fördomar om 80-talister/90-talister, motsträvare, arbetslivet, äldre och yngre, kvinnor och män och hur allt förändras och takten på förändringarna. Idag hittade jag denna video med kloka, kloka ord om generationer, samhällsförändringar och krossade fördomar om vår 'lost generation' och den så kallade lathet vi besitter. Man känner sig som himla smart när man får vatten på sin kvarn över ens egna värderingar* =D  Perfekt till morgonkaffet =)

* - (det sa väl iofs Hitler också så jag kanske ska poängtera att jag inte enbart söker information som passar mina egna ideal. nåja, inte jämt ialla fall. Oj nu känner jag att jag borde få en fördom motbevisad för att lätta på samvetet och växa som människa. Men ni förstod väl poängen. T.ex att jag inte är att jämföras helt ut med Hitler).



Real vs Real

I exist in the same concrete world as you but I live a surrealistic life in my head.
Where am I? What is real?
The world outside? 
Or the life within?

One time in march when my home was clean

Amazing Adam

This is how you do photography. And men.

Timeless thoughts

I have found myself a new fascination. Time. Which I do not understand. But still. It's fascinating. How it's just a creation. Cause what is now is already gone for one and not yet to come for another. And when you see the stars they're not really there now, cause what you see is far, far away and belongs to the past. Even though it's in the now. And who can call the future? Should you really count your life through years, month, weeks, days and minutes? Do you need those numbers for a special occasion? Maybe You count your age in smiles, in tears, in trips or in people you know. Maybe I'm still very very young. Or maybe I'm very, very old if you count all the faces, feelings and thoughts you wear. Time isn't real. But what is? Not the colours your wear either. Maybe nothing is. Still fascinating.

Even though this illusion, time's always running away. You're always late, always in a hurry, no where to go and still just standing still. What am I suppose to do? What am I not able to fit in? Stuck. Stuck. While time says tick tack. tick tack. Stuck. Running. Paradoxical. Indeed.

Especially when in reality everything happens at once. I'm 5 years old and 50 years old at the same ttime, but I can just not see it. In my little human-thoughts I'm 21 years old and a whole lot of days too. I don't know. How do you figure it out? I cannot express myself. It's like I have an Einstein-friend with dyslexia, ADHD and at the same time autism (in my head it could be possible. It's coulda also be a pedant that lives in house of chaos). Maybe. I don't know. Exceåt that you could see somewhere here how I got my idea of breaks. Cheesy ideas from deeper thoughts.
Lots if bs. Night now. Tick tack.
Mou leípei to spíti

Love Jaws


How do you start your day?

by saying Oh, Oh, OohOh, OooohOooh, OOooh perhaps?
(maybe you get confused of all the 'Ooh's, which would be understandable, so it's all just educations in film etc...)
But then again...It such a jungle, maybe I'd really be more suitable for being a mua, florist or a chef?
Well, well. Somehow it will work out. I'll just try to believe that LoA will give me a proper answer =) I wish for something like; Editing (maybe producing too, who knows.), abroad, valued price and priceless reputation. Hehe.
And maybe I should do my homeworks before I start working my way through the jungle of educations without a map ;) xoxoxo
Now: I'm gonna do a Storyboard based on a article about a spy, and how I'd produce it if I could ;)
Ps. Trying to find out what kind of education/experience Jonas Åkerlund has but says he did only do high school? So how did he learn everything??? Gosh. Bloody bajsJungle this is.


...Funny thing is. I did see a Anthony look-alike on friday. Haha. Life, does have its humor ;)


...I'd like to look like this girl, at least own those glasses.

...And I'd spice the other look up with this 60's-Lolita feeling. Those eyebrows are totally it.

...Then with my new awesome look I'd wanna go to a concert and get butterflies in my stomach and just think that this is life.

...Afterwards I'd like to have a crazy time at an afterparty where I'd flirt and snog with Anthony. He's the man with the band. Aw, sigh. A Girl can dream, right? ....about silver screen quotations. Aha, Jus' had to <3 Ps. I've heard they're gonna release a new album soon =)

...And the great day would just continue for ages and I'd really appreciate life.
Just the way you do, when you're around people you adore, drinking wine and smiling non-stop.

...I'd end the day (or more like start the other day) with having a really good flow and just write n' write n' write about my wild little adventures with Anthony, friends, parties and concerts.
(1-2, 3, 4, 5-6)

She's awesome :-*

Just like Jesus, keeps on rising again n' again

Are you like me...

...that wears old n' torned clothes, n' everyone is like
- please, throw that old thing away...

but instead you do everything you can, to save it...

...and tadaaa! Your creativity paid off!
You got yourself an almost new n' cool top jus' like that! ;P

Inga Kläder - Veronica Maggio


Seasons of leaves and feelings.

(Photo: Jules)

And as the time goes by, the seasons change. Every year. From fall to winter to spring. Bring out your winterjacket or put on your sunglasses. Listen to christmas carols or the singing birds. And you're aware. Often you can smell the difference. You can feel the difference inside of you. New seasons come and old ones go. You know this happens but still you get a bit surprised every time you realize that it's actually a new season.

And as the time goes by. The feelings change. Just like the seasons. Maybe not as often, maybe not as rarely but you're aware. Maybe you get a little less tired of life, and a little bit happier. Maybe you just realize that you're better off in another situation then the one you stayed in for so long. You just don't know how or when or why but you do know this happens. You get over it. New feelings come and old ones go. Reverse. Just like the seasons. And still you get a bit surprised every time you realize that you actually do not feel what you've been feeling.

Seasons change.
Feelings change.
People change.

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