Fina fina livet

Tack för att jag får finnas.
Att ta lätt - skall jag minnas.
Vind, vatten och Sol
Känna utan att va' Cool.
Våga vara ett fån
Som skrattar utan hån.
Fjärilar i magen,
Mitt på dagen.
Passar en dam som mig,
Jag kan dela de med dig?

Eternal spotty on your mindfulness




(1-2, 34, 5-6)


Used some of these pics on CV's.

Where did my Spring go? Smells like England and looks like Autumn...Hm.
Otherwise, All is good. Lots of sleeping, lots of Woody Harrelson-movies, lots of prime time with friends and some work on all that. And pizza, candy, beer, coffee, dried papaya, meat, wine and then some. Yom yom yom. Tomorrow; Back to the capital. Then my sis is back in this Eskimo country <3 We like!


This is awesomeness on all the pictures.


As some of you know...

...I love hair. The movie, the beards, fringes, mustasches, long and wavy, sidecuts, chest hair, braids and curls. You name it - I Love it! Haha (no, not nose hair etc but you get the point, right..) Especially into redheads/orange/strawberry blondes nowadays. Adoore! And look what I found, note the second picture, cause thats how I'd like to have my hair. I'm like almost there but something missin...Maybe I better get shorter bangs, more curls, more orange...Hm.
Googled on this model: Karen Elson


So with my heart left in my past, I always remember my wounds of yesterday,
continue looking at my scars and never letting go.

So with my brain in my future, I always focus on the opportunities that exist,
try deeply to hope and trust but instead, fear all that may come.

So somewhere, this soul is stuck in the middle trying to pull the heart
and the brain into the present and when the moon lights the brightest,
it doesn't even remember if it did its best it could that day. No, the
energy got loose and once again no union of a self was created.

The present is a gift, which I have to remind myself of,
every single morning I wake up. So that my gratitude will
come easily when the time of darkness arrives.

Just wanna be in Sthlm now now now...

...Or just somewhere warm, living la vida loca. Even though it's all grey and still some snow here in Greenland aka Eskimo land, I can actually feel the spring somehow. Maybe it's the birds, maybe it's the air but damn it's good! I'm a tiny (very tinyitsybitsytiny) bit bored of this here now, så give me open-air cafées, smiling people, cheap drinks, funny family games, a beloved sun, new views, foreign languages and just feeling fab.

Looking forward too it.
Maybe I'll do Oslo, maybe I'll do Europe, maybe I'll do carnival and maybe everything will work out and everything is fabulous. ps. I love my course in Stockholm. I'm so thankful for that <3

(Dont remember,sry)

Makes me wanna be good with the camera & listen 2 Röyksopp


Neil Gaiman

Luminous - Strålande

I love it when people (customers) say: Strålande. It's my favorite word nowadays <3
I wish I was at a party, drinking out of buckets. Even a special one, just for me, in green. A sweet green bucket a lá Thailand. Aw. Bugger. my brain was like - oh no, work = sleep = headache to keep you inside your door. Hehe sometimes my brain's clever. A bit mean but clever. Hope my darlings havin' a blast =)

Psst. Listen to: Dancing shoes - Arctic Monkeys ;)


Note to self: Do not lie in bed and pretend that the snow will disappear if you do so...
You'll only end up with a headache. And still be tired. Hah.

(<3 it)

My lovely sense of Humour =D


Haircolor of the Day

Weak for redheads.
And S&M - Rihanna. For some reason. Reminds me of some other song. Hm.

Nytt nu.

Ibland känner man när det är på väg, de tankar som stannar en. Som bromsar en och som hindrar ens leende att utveckla sig och bli en verklighet, som det var tänkt. Det var ju tänkt att man skall skina som solen. Vad distraherar egentligen? Är det du? Är det jag? Är det som var? Eller det som komma skall för inte är det nuet.. För nu hinns aldrig riktigt med.

Hur ofta stannar man upp och känner efter. Hur många gånger andas du dina andetag? In. Ut. In. Ut. Känner hjärtat slå i harmoni, nej, Vanligen känner man bara de slag som tar i, som får hela sängen att bulta i hundraåttio och håller ens nätter sömnlösa. De hjärtslag som trycker i bröstet och ens andetag är inte längre för att överleva utan förvandlas istället till frågande suckar om existensen överhuvudtaget. Jag vill känna nuet. Nu. Och jag vill att mitt nu skall vara längre, se med nya ögon, tänka med nya tankar och berätta med nya ord. Jag vill att mina hjärtslag skall bära en symmetrisk rytm genom livets gång.
Ett nytt nu.

Thoughts in photos

I love beautiful pictures and I love balloons = Lovely combo.

I wish I was at an airport, drinking coffee and hittin' my friend cause I'm so excited and happy. Ready to rull with our bags, showin' off our passports and gettin' butterflies in our stomach during take off and landing. It's the best feeling in the world <3

I have a weakness for Jack Russells, cause I used to have one. So I'm looking forward the afternoons I'll have a dog in my knee and can touch their vey, very soft ears and smile when they bark in their sleep.

I'd give myself extra points whenever I manage to do an excellent meal, like this one, Omelet with feta cheese, tomatoes and spinach for example.

I'd like to wake up next to something like this and not feel panic of loosing it.

Can you feel the sand underneath your feet? Can you hear the waves of the ocean beside you?
Can you see the sun reflect in the sea? Can you smell the smell of summer? Beach love.

I appreciate the breakfasts I share with my beloved friends. It means so much just sittin' and enjoyin' the company and the first sip of a great cup of coffee together.

And this last picture is a hint for me.

(1, Sampo Kiviniemi, 3, Mine, 5?, 6?, 7, 8?)

Nail it


This girl is Codie Young and she's born in 1992. Oh my god.
I don't know if it makes me feel old or young but got to work on my poses, alright.
Having a dinner party tomorrow night. Wish me luck!


Usually Chanel is very feminine and classic, which doesn't really appeal to me. So when I saw fall/winter 11 collection, I was surprised. More masculine, dark but still something feminine that cuts off, in a nice way. Refreshing mix. Love the idea with the charlie chaplin-inspired-legs, the leg warmers and the rolled up pants. =)



Heyhopp. I'm so tired but sleeps like an angel. Hrmf. Goin back today. Wishing for Windows 7 so that I can sit 24-7 and play around in Avid media composer. Åkerlund, watch out, haha. Jus' kidding. Got my camera here aswell, just used it once so far. Haha. Hm. Skills? No. Maybe I'll manage to use it one more time =P
Paradise, right? =)

Mr Nobody

So what's there to say?
Drinking my second cup of coffee (if you forgot the name of this blog, I mean), Listening to Mr. Nobody Soundtrack and is situated in Stockholm for the moment. It's pre-spring and so far so good (my jacket's too warm. Wiho). Puh. Thank God! But I better get started with my day. Pusss

I'd wish for hope



Gorgeous hair and gorgeous underwear.
Otherwise all I do is exist. Which is barely.
Lots of hours too many in my gorgeous bed.
Not catching any moments yet...
Just being nervous, tired and meaningless.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow instead.
(Cause these last days won't really be remembered).

Good things though: I read some of my notes.
I write quite good, really, my toothache is disappearing
and finally I like my own haircolor nowadays. (And I'm a shopaholic).

Still in love with movies like;
127 hours, Mr Nobody and It's a wonderful life.
Ps. Do not see Crazy Heart. Not worth it.
End of nonsens in this post.

PurrPurr Lovin'

Klick -> <3
(Hmm..Perhaps: This n' this).

Good Night, Have Sweet dreams om Semlor

Words of a Tuesday morning

''Om dina dagar blir bra, blir dina veckor bra, så blir dina år bra och då blir ditt liv bra''.

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