Sunday Roasts

(Modelcouture & Magnum)

Keep your fingers crossed

...for me! Just sent a job application. Iiiiih. Let's hope deeply I get it. Yesyesyes.



E ffi cient

Today I'm off work.
Long time ago since last time...
And what do I do with my precious day?
Walking around like a zombie. Sleepyhead.

Awesome look


Instead of a framed picture on the wall

My Livingroom.


Hot pic. Beautiful hair. Gah, Give me =)

Let's stay Eternal

Dreamilious living

Still tired. Daysleeping. Weird dreams. Cute friends.
I'm going to see Leonardo Dicaprio in Inception today.  It's a beginning, you know...

(?, source).











I have to get it out. Somehow. I want someone to tell me not to worry. Someone who will calm down my soul. My little worried soul. With the death anxiety. It's like, I don't know. I don't know.

Or what I do know. I'm going to die. disappear. Not be. My friends, my family, all of the ones I care about. They will disappear. And I'm freaking out inside. What's life about..? When will it end? What will I manage to do before..? I'm afraid. Afraid of living and afraid of dying. Terrified of losing the ones I love. What is life? Who am I? What's the mening of it? What's the center of life? Is it really us? Humans? This planet is nothing. Or is it everything? How will I not panic? Not hurt? I'm so tired. So, so so tired...Is time ticking...?

What's the point? This picture describes this period pretty well. The paradox of living;

Upside Down - Summer 2010 - Stay awake til 05

(Unknown & Last pic).

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