Things I think of...

- Holdning hands. How you can hold hands and it's all wrong, how the fingers wrapping around yours or that this person always wants to hold your other hand. And then how someone elses hand just fit perfectly into yours. The right way, the right hand, the right compromise of thumbs up n' down. And you could just sit and hold hands forever cause it's just so easy and comfortable =)

- Coffee. How you could make the cup of coffee a tiny bit more exciting by adding cinnamon to it.

- Bed. How lucky you are if you have a bed, that's so cousy,
that you never really wanna get up.

- Sunny thankfulness. Everyday you see the sunlight in your room you think:
"Yes! we got sun today aswell".

- Repeat of Memories. How you somewhere do remember the taste of saltwater, and that you really don't like it but would really appreciate the taste of it now, just so you can wake the memory to life again.

-  Time goes fast. That it's the end of February and we haven't got a single glimpse of spring yet. Please, please, pleeease, A tiny bit of spring next week (and that this month is shorter than all the other ones so shouldn't I get a discount on my rent...? Just sayin', it's kinda logical, you know).

-  Tips of from one Shopaholic to another. Ebay, tradera and other sites where you can buy things you love, really cheap. And sell whatever you are tired of in your closet. It is addictive. Very, very much so.

- Right now, the future is happening. And finally, this. This, This is so true and amazing.
Love it --> In this moment.

Coffee with a hint of cinnamon ;)


Haha, Learn to love donuts =D

(Hilarious, man..)


Gorgeous. Especially the last pic. Love the combination of stripes and leopard. Niiiiiiiiiice =)


I had a dream about this really powerful wind was goin to come to our city and everyone was very worried.
Then when I saw it, I was like, I couldn't believe it was that one, cause it was like fog and white. It moved soo fast it really looked like it was calm, like fog. Hm.

So I google on Dream interpretation and get:

To dream that the wind is blowing, symbolizes your life force, energy, and vigor. It reflects changes in your life. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to pick up your pace and work on achieving your goals more quickly and efficiently. To dream of strong or gusty winds, represent turmoil and trouble in your life. You are experiencing much stress in some waking situation.

To see a storm in your dream, signifies some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your waking life. The storm also represents unexpressed fears or emotions, such as anger, rage, turmoil, etc. On a more positive note, the storm symbolizes your rising spirituality. It may signal rapid changes ahead for you.

To dream that you are going through a thick fog, symbolizes confusion, troubles, scandal, uncertainty and worries. You may not be seeing things the way they really are. You may have lost your sense of direction in life. Alternatively, a fog represents mystery, secrecy and protection.


May I just say; Haha, Oh my god.
It's so right it's scary =P



Holding out for a hero


Let's eat cake...

...and smile like Katy Perry <3

Cleaning my home - Cleaning my thoughts

It's a more comfortable feeling now.
I'm more able to clear my head, smile and be in the moment. It was so long ago, I was in the moment. Always stressing backward and worrying forward. And now, when I could be all of those, I can somehow shut it out. At least longer than before. Before, all my have-to-do's were in every other second thought I had. Exhausting. Now I'm at least, a tiny bit more harmonious.
And you know, a bit more, is way more for me =)


The words you say are not yours. They are borrowed.
Borrowed from your thoughts, from your childhood  and someone elses past.
And you'll give yours back to someone elses thoughts and someone elses future.
That's why all of the words you use are just on loan.
But they don't mean any less. No, maybe it's the other way around.
Maybe they're worth more, just because no one can own them.

Even the Golden girls do it better.

So y'all know there's some It-girls that we all love to look like. They're like Gods n' look like walking dreams with wardobes to die for! We have Kate Moss, MKA Olsen, Cory Kennedy, Kate Bosworth, Erin Wasson...

...and Olivia Palermo...

And to continue - What is Olivia wearing?? She look's like an old lady from the 80's:

And look, it does not get better, darl:
I'm not really a fan of her clothes otherwise either but maybe she jus' had a bad day...
Or no mirror, or a rash to hide.

And finally, wasn't this a much cooler way to wear a maxi?
Oh, I believe so...And so did Drew Barrymore =)
(source and source)

Love this quote

"My magic brings Voldemort to the yard and I’m like,
that’s hurting my scar."

Hell-o Jell-o

My heart doesn't feel as heavy today, hurray =D
(Only if I think about me skippin' clases and giving up,
so I'm pushin' on the pause-button on those thoughts today).

What a gorgeous feeling,
waking up & almost wantin' to smile
and huge someone. Haha.

So I slept like Queen, talked to my sis and realized that the sun - it's shining - Woooho!
And I found this, this beauuutiful, man on a blog today, so let's take a look and just enjoy it:

(source on the hottiehottie).

Sometimes, I only see the problems you know...

Gif Created on Make A Gif
...So I have to remind myself look in other directions aswell, you know.
See it in different point of views...
...Have new perspective on life...
// Gollum


...For anxiety: Showering.
However, not when the janitor comes to fix your elements...Hehe.

Didn't I tell you that Mister Hm-hm-above
have a special sense of humour..? =P

Bump in the road - Not a single energy bar as far as the eye can see

This didn't go so well=/ I'm a totally coward, drop-out.
But I'm trying to se this as a comfort.

I'm just so tired of life. And feel so stupid and wrong nowadays. It shouldn't be like that, right...?
I shouldn't have a hard time smiling. which I've been having the last two month. It's exhausting you know.

One part says to me;
- Oh, you're suppose to be stubborn, always finishing what you started.
While the other part's like:
- Oh no, I remember. You always give up. Lazy. Weak.
Never giving it a chance long enough to see that it gets easier.

Cause that's what everyone is saying, it gets easier...When? How? Where? I must be doing something wrong, cause I'm just digging my hole deeper and deeper. I guess I don't know which part I'm suppose to listen to. Or which part, that's really me, the stubborn one or the one that quitsAre you ever this confused? Or are you all just young at heart and do take the time to enjoy and celebrate? That's what I wanna do. This course just makes me so evil to myself. It's exhausting. Never being good enough. Always feeling like a bad, bad person. I just don't know. Somewhere it feels like failure to end it, and somewhere else like a relief.

I just want to be, get to know myself, smile, read books, colour my hair,
travel, cook, eat, sleep, take photos, write, play with photoshop.
Get away from the feeling of being exhausted out of nothing.
Is it just me? Do I need help? I don't know anymore.

Somehow it feels like the decision is already made, and that it should be easy.
And that I should feel better already.

Pinocchio and a bit insane

Oh my oh my oh my Holy Cow Oh my Oh my oh my my...
I have a web sem. today. That's why I'm like dying inside.
I'm not sure this course is healthy for me.
Getting panic and then all paralyzed.
I'm like a sheep.
Baaah. baah.
Life's so scary, tough and hard.
But Every single day is a gift. Everyday I don't drop out is a fcking miracle.
And even if I'd do so, it'd be Feeling like Pinocchio
(even though the literature is ok...but the broad for students and the teachers..puh..crazy shit...).

Postpooooooone important stuff ^^

Att få saker gjorda är som balsam för själen, vilket jag alltid glömmer.
...Numera har jag piskslag mot själen...Mindre skönt. Hm^^

Listening 2 Spanish Radio ahora =)
(Could maybe have been, it was atleast a tumblr, hrmf: source)

Message to El Senior Dios

I slept like 14 hours and I'm tired now..? What is this??? wha', whha'...? Exuse me, Mister-I-live-above-the-clouds-and-like-to-mess-with-humans-on-earth-which-I-created, I get your humor, okey, it's good, It's devine, but please, just let off some steam already. Thank you. Puss.
Ps. Could send down some happy pills, when you're on it.
It's the least you can do on this loving day, eh?
(Thank you).
Ps2.  I know you're busy, so maybe not the happy pills, maybe it too much, too wrong.
But some sun? Vitamin D? No? Some hope? Ooooh, beloved God, give me some looovíng, plz!
Ps3. Say Hi to your homie Jesus fr me,
I've heard he was devine with my homie Emelie =)

A Mythology about Mr. Valentine - Version by Jules

Oh my, oh my, I slept like an Angel!
Way too many hours and couldn't stop enjoying
my cousy little bed with my heavy duvet =)
Sleeping beauty that slept all her life away...

Today is just another ordinary day except it's called The Valentine's Day! Usually I try to be a bit more loving than usual, but I'm supposed to be that anyway nowadays (God damn it, it's all NYE and The Power's fault, they just got to me...) so I'm skipping it today. Haha. Make sense? No, I know, Usually I don't ;)

But I'm gonna give you a little treat (see, a tiny bit more friendly). Do you know why we celebrate this day? Except for the part that the consuming business screams out of joy? Do you remember something vague about a Sankt Valentine...? Hm...yes...What did he do...? Did he hang out with Sankt Lucia..? Hehe, no, not really =)

Once upon a time, there was this man who saw love as something beautiful and really worth celebrating. This man was called Valentine (Hello, Valentine!), and lived in Rom, during the 200's. At this time, the Emperor was Claudius II, and he, he wanted his men to be warriors, not to be married and in love. So this powerful Emperor forbade marriage. But little Mister Valentine praised love soo highly that he gave lots of  young couples, flowers to cherish their special love, and he also worked as a priest! So he consecrated couples in love even though it was forbidden...

...So Valentine ended up in prison unfortunately, doomed to death by Claudius II, for his 'evil' crime. So there he was, and a beautiful girl, which was the prison warders daughter, gave him food and sweet little notes. He couldn't do other, but to fall head over heels for her. And when the time was up, on february 14th, he gave her a love letter where he signed it with - Your Valentine.

Ps. Claudius II died of the worldspreading pague at this time. Mohaha.

Happy Valentine's day!
Love made by approx. 2500 match sticks and took about 24 hours to do. Puh!
Someone else was very devoted to love aswell <3


Jag hinner inte med och gör hamnar i skymundan.
Oeffektiv. Oeffektiv. Got to get more efficient...But the truth is that there were...
...good parts in this sunday aswell;

1) I wasn't tired at work

2) Sunny outside

3) I was the first one at work today!
a moment worth writing down in history. Haha.
4) Coffee


This is what I do with my time, sometimes...Digital collage. Daydreamin'.
Dinner with sugarLoj tonight <3 Work tomorrow. Just another weekend.
Time we'll never have again... Never see again, never feel again.
I'm pretty ok with that. But I rather not be. I'd like to hold on to every
little minute and not be wishin for the spring to come already, you know?
I'd like to push the speed-button but somewhere I'd probably regret it if we really
could that. Guess it's just another paradox of Jules. I have a couple, lying around ;)
I hope 2011 will bring us a lot of smiles =) Me and the ones I know, we deserve it.
You know. PS. Try swedish cheesecake, it's deliiish...xoxo

Almost as u can feel the warmth of the sunlight through the pic <3


C.S. Lewis

I haven't seen the new versions of Narnia but still I'm quite a fan of Mister Lewis.
Even saw a play bout him with lots of clever words, indeed. So I thought I'd share
some likable quotes said by the man himself:

I do think I think I do

Doers always do wish, they'd think...

...Thinkers always think they'll do.

I still live, I still think: I still have to live, for I still have to think. Friedrich Nietzsche

I wish I could spin around in my head. Instead of being paralyzed of all the chaos. Just dance in it instead and look with excitement on all the signals going crisscross in your brain. Foward and backward, left or right, up and down like electrons. Like tiny little stars. Is this how it is? Why do I want to stop? Why do I seek? How does it feel? Should I cry or should I laugh? What's the point and where do I find a meaning?

Amazing sparks or disturbing flicker?
What is it we think with in our heads?
What do our thoughts contain of?
Are they burning or are they tickling?

Maybe you're just thinkin' I'm jus' full of it.
Maybe you're right. Or maybe...
Maybe you feel it too...

I wish for stars, seeking, laughing, tickling and a lot of sparks...


(Sthlm, fashion) the color of envy, and if I do envy these outfits ;) Mjaauu! I want greeeen clothes =)
My day started as a disaster. My coffee machine started messin' with me
and my cup of morning-love tasted awful. But but, somewhere it's still coffee.
And soon, soon Imma drink (delicious) coffee on the roof again =D

Saturday Night Live

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Time for beer and gossip with friends! Puss

(Vår i sinnet... har fortfarande kvar adventsljusstaken i mitt lilla krypin).

I'm just soo happy for my friends.
Because I'm so up and down and if I'd have a boyfriend, he'd become nauseous of my rollercoaster-ride... But they have patience, advice and ignorance to give when it's needed. Like when I'm feeling; life's pointless, want to give up and acting like a bitch, they don't get pissed off and ask me to leave. No, they just say that I'll find my ways, distract me with stories and tempting me with beer, coffee and serve me mud cake!

Awesomeness. Thank you. I'm looking forward spending a beloved spring together with you again =)
Especially with the sun in our faces and hanging on my roof.


Remember that time - Regina Spektor



It's the first of february. It's not feeling any better than january.
Fck, all grey outside, all grey inside. and you just have to keep on going.
I'm the one who has to make it better and no energy to it. How do you make your life spin the other way around?
Where do you find your meaning, cause I'm just lost. And thought that it would all be better...Who said so?
How does people do I left my smile somewhere and now I can't find it...
Life's gonna be better. Life's gonna be good. Pretty please. Julie got 2 find her sparkle and work it.


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