Listening to Glee over n' over again, again. Amazing
(Think it with that accent when you really hear the g. Amazing).
I've tried to clean by taking up two tops fr the floor. Booyaaa.
Naya - Rivera --> Songbird. Do yourself a favor n' listen.
I'm so tired but still in a thinking mood you know.
Why is life like this? Why am I this way? Should I change?
Should I continue? Should I forgive? Should I let go?
Should I dream? Should I act?
Even though I really don't what all of it is about,
I believe the answer should be yes.


Just don't know how to put my shit together.
Gosh wish I was Lars real girl instead. Haha.
Maybe it's really time for some Sssch n' ZZzz.

My Roof is devine <3

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