To be a fortune cookie or not

Long time no see. I could say that's all Pinterest fault. But no, not much loving there
either. Much thoughts about work instead. To do or not to do. Probably will do.
I just wish everything works out fine. Maybe even works out great! 

I've had good days about my news but fr thursday night til this morning
my thoughts have been killing me. What's the point? blabla. What do I want?
blabla. Feels like I'm doing nothing worthwhile. No time for life. Blabla.
It feels like I'm selling my soul to the work. Yes, indeed, Cry me a river...Ha.

But we'll see. I shouldn't be worrying. I'm not a fortune cookie.
If everything goes käpprätt åt helvete - I'll take it fr there. I'll survive.
I hope indeed this means more ps and studio than carrying down
like 20 heavy boxes fr one overfull storeroom to another.

And of course, I'll give you an sugarcoated ending:

- For every moment the sun hits my face, it is enough. 

- I've been cruisin' overseas and partyin' like a rockstar.

- Goin' to see my darling Mads in July. Queen of Music!

- My sister graduates this Spring, n' then
she'll study Art during three years.

- Now I'm gonna go to a museum, which is for free!

- And can you feel the pictures? The timeless harmony and
peacefulness. Mmmm...

(Pics fr Rag & bone)

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